Name change

Socibot launched in 2020, due to the name clash with another product bearing the same name, Socibot was remaned to Socigrow. Henceforth no longer known as Socibot but Socigrow.

Comparism Between SociGrow And SociBotFeatures

As Of the Time SociBot was launched it was comprised of 7 features.
The latest verstion currently known as SociGrow Has 30+ Features and more to be added continously

Features SociGrow Socibot
Post Templates
Facebook Widgets
IG Email extractor
IG Image Post
IG Comments Manager
Facebook Chatbot
Facebook SMS Follow Up
IG Phone number extractor
IG Hashtag Finder
Facebook Search
Facebook Broadcasts
Facebook Video Scheduler
Messenger Image CTA
Messenger Carousel CTA
Free HD Stock Photos
Free HD Stock Videos
IG File Storage
Facebook Email Follow Up
Facebook Email Follow Up